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about us

Welcome to Boudica Events and Management. We at B-E-A-M pride ourselves on our unique understanding and in depth knowledge of the events and management industry. 


B-E-A-M, founded in 2011 by company director Shivon Bollers began life as Boudica Security. It was Shivon’s intention to establish a leading market brand built around her specific approach to security, an impeachable working practice and the bravery to challenge industry status quo. This innovative approach quickly established Boudica as the go to business for any client looking for a reliable, friendly and forward thinking security company, but more than just security Shivon found that clients were increasingly looking to her for her expertise and advice on all aspects of event management.


These formative years spent on the front line of security services managing events, venues, dealing with venue owners and handling the specific requirements of artists, set Shivon and Boudica on a natural course of evolution and growth, culminating in the creation of a new business able to cater to all her clients growing needs, Boudica Events & Management.

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