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"FUTUR NOIR" by Eddie Otchere and Remy Bourdeau

We at BEAM have been able to provide drinks courtesy of Red Bull and sounds courtesy of Jay Dolce for the closing day of the exhibition "Futur Noir" from two of the hardest photographers in the game, London's Eddie Otchere and the Parisian Remy Bourdeau.

The exhibition is a documentation and love letter to the evolution of hip hop through the unique perspective of these two photographers. Over the years this duo have captured some of the biggest names in music, from the likes of Erykah Badu to Biggie Smalls, The Fugees to Jorja Smith, Goldie to Freddie Gibbs and even Aaliyah and Wu-Tang Clan.

The photos showcased at this exhibition really give the viewer a contrast between a more intimate and vulnerable perspective into the narrative of Hip Hop as well as indulging a dynamic and vibrant reflection of the true essence of these artists.

These two have most likely shot one of your favourite artists, here are some of ours:

This exhibition will not only be a showcase for those who share a love of photography, but also for those who have a passion for art, music of all genres and culture.

Catch the final day at the San Mei Gallery from 12pm until 6pm and take in some real moments of history, we hope to see you there.


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