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For the past few years, BEAM has exclusively managed one of East London's hottest underground venues, Hoxton Basement. As we move on to focus on other projects, it's time to say goodbye to the beloved venue where we've shared some of our best memories, from hosting an array of Private Artist celebrations, to PR events for top brands. Journey with us through some of our favourites below...

Lancey Fouxx - Psychnight - January 2020

As our first event of the year 2020, Lancey Fouxx collaborated with brand Psych World and put on a night to remember with a stacked DJ line-up of New Found Form, hqnkk and Tommy Gold as well as a bunch of special performances. The likes of Octavian and Essie Gang accompanied the special guests, we got stupidly lit and we kicked off the year in style.

Dave Psychodrama 1yr Album Anniversary Party - Spring 2020

Dave Psychodrama 1yr Album Anniversary Party - Spring 2020

Having won his first Brit award, Dave shouted us wanting to celebrate his successful debut album, and we did just that! It was vibe! 

Supra Footwear Private Marketing Event - Summer 2019

Supra Footwear Private Marketing Event - Summer 2019

Partnering with a New York Skate brand meant BEAM was once again, international. The night included a photo booth experience, respected DJs in the Southbank Skate scene and visual projections on the walls with trainers displayed on plinths giving the exhibition feel.

Simmi Shoes Influencer PR Event - Autumn 2019

One of the many chances we followed a brief and were given creative freedom to dress up the venue and create it into something completely new, which is a real treat for our BEAM team.

Link Up TV Presents The Drop in partnership with E&J Brandy - Spring 2019

Hosting a variety of London's hottest DJ's including Sian Anderson & Nadia Jae, also including an exclusive performance from Donae'o, this night was truly one to remember!


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